How can we increase customers? the art of selling

I start this blog talking about a discipline, the commercial work, which I am passionate about and which I used to do with determination, in some stages of my professional career, discovering that it is not only a vital task in every company, because without clients there is no company, but rather it is also a very difficult labor because selling involves influencing and leading others to the conviction that our product / service is the best for them, and this is really complicated nowadays.


Within a company now we are witnessing a profound change in the commercial area, mainly due to several reasons: on one side, the market is global and, therefore, the competition is global and fierce, the supply of products and services has increased considerably all over the world, the differentiation of these is increasingly complex and, in addition, the constant technological advances have let to multiple digital sales channels that, until recently, were non-existent.


This complex framework that reflects the current market leads to the fact that a company, currently, if it wants to sell must have well-trained professionals who master the art of influencing and convincing so that beyond the technicalities of the action of the sale, have the ability to detect and analyze the needs of customers at all times to advise them properly and achieve their satisfaction over time, giving them an added value.

While it is true that we have evolved in this direction, leaving sellers with self-confidence and poor preparation away and welcoming the figure of the consultant vendor, in some sectors there is still a long way to go. Let’s ask ourselves then:

What characteristics would we need to have to be able to successfully make a good sale?


In the first place, I would say that we must possess a good preparation and plan well each step to fail as little as possible (prospecting, recruitment, negotiation, loyalty and follow-up).

The arguments we use in the sale process are essential to ensure its closure or not, so it is essential to study thoroughly the characteristics of the products, their manufacturing process, competitive advantages of the company in relation to the competition and in each case. market, direct competition, etc. But also to know the maximum possible information of our clients to be able to anticipate their needs by generating innovative solutions that fit well.



As in any self-respecting human relationship, in the seller-client relationship, there must be trust that generates a link, important enough, to not only sell but also retain loyalty. Therefore, we have to obtain not buyers but consumers, that after the first sale continue needing our product and buying it. And we will achieve this by being reliable, clear and honest when explaining the concepts and arguments to the customer and with time.

We are not going to influence our clients and earn their trust in two days, or promising a product or service that is far from reality.

In addition, to be productive in our commercial work, since it has a high emotional component not only rational, we need a good deal of emotional intelligence that we achieve when we develop to the maximum a series of intrapersonal skills (perseverance, proactivity, self-motivation, transparency, responsibility, resilience, self-control, etc.) and interpersonal skills (kindness, constructiveness, empathy, sensitivity, service attitude, etc.) that lead us to excellence in our daily performance.

It will also be convenient for us to be updated on new technologies and on the use of social networks. That is the reason for continuous training.

Likewise, the care of our personal and virtual image is decisive because the customer, to decide if to buy or not, analyse every detail, from our clothes, the way we move, the tone of the voice, our profile in the networks, and it is all of this as a whole that will value and will determine the purchase or not.

And finally, we cannot forget that to be a good salesperson we have to feel passion for what we do and feel very identified with the company and the products, in order to transmit it to our interlocutor.

With all this, which is not little, we can reach the client successfully and achieve our purpose.

That is why we talk about the art of selling or better, as Prof. Cosimo Chiesa, among others, Professor of Business Management at the IESE Business School, University of Navarra, points out in an interview last May for Diario Información “selling is the art of convincing. “

I leave the link to the interview:

Happy week, see you next time!