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Consulting & Internationalization

Co-Advance offers you a range of services specialized in the following areas:


Procurement & Logistics

We all know that the origin of a good sale may come from a good purchase. Knowing how to buy is crucial to have a better and more competitive product in the market and in Co-Advance we invest effort in getting it for our customers.


There are moments in the life of a company that the opportunity lies in externalizing the production process or directly importing a product that, either by price or quality, allows us a considerable competitive improvement. To pave the way for it, Co-Advance offers you the searching and selection of suppliers. We have strong experience in European and Asian markets fundamentally and in different sectors to choose the right partner in each case.

The searching and selection of suppliers

We have strong experience in European and Asian markets fundamentally and in different sectors to choose the right partner in each case.

BPO – Business Process Outsourcing

We offer outsourcing services with an integral vision and we provide specific solutions in the outsourcing of Information Technology and Back-Office functions. We have a professional team expert in the provision of outsourcing services to achieve a greater degree of competitiveness by reducing costs and time to our customers.

Import and logistics services

We hire the necessary services for maritime and air transport within the best quality and price conditions and we take care of the follow-up of the shipments with the necessary documentation, assuring the security for the client.


Marketing & Sales


Do you need to promote your company to get more customers and increase your sales?


With the Marketing Plan Co-Advance, you will define the following points::

  • Analysis of the current situation of the company

  • Objectives to be achieved within a certain period

  • Strategy

  • Action plan to follow

  • Budget

  • Control


It is necessary to be very clear about the centre of business activity -core business- in order to reach the specific public that is interested in our products or services.


To achieve this goal, we work the following points:

  • Segmentation of the market and the client portfolio

  • Organization of the sales network

  • Commercial and sales methodology

  • Digital strategy

  • Commercial tools and customer management

  • Equipment management policies


We already know how expensive it is for a company to attract customers, resulting in much more profitable customer loyalty.


Therefore, in Co-Advance we understand the after-sales as part of a sales process. We focus on putting the necessary means so that your company always has satisfied customers and this be translated, in turn, in attracting new buyers, in reduction of attrition and, therefore, higher income and profitability.

  • Analysis of the process of customer service and claims

  • Development of communication programs with clients to inform and listen

  • Establish actions for the detection and recovery of dissatisfied customers

  • Create a loyalty program with a specific value proposition for certain customer segments or generic with promotions, invitations, gifts, events



Co-Advance accompanies and supports you in the following phases:


Are you an entrepreneur and want to take another step to achieve settlement?


Co-Advance helps you to implement your project in a comprehensive manner, addressing one or more of the following aspects:

  • Branding

  • Product development

  • Market research

  • Implementation of the product in the market

  • Legal aspects: patents, trademarks and legal forms for the company


Are you a SME and would like to export your products or services and internationalize?


In a global world where technology plays such a decisive role in a remarkable improvement of communications, the company also necessarily becomes global and it is forced to compete internationally to continue advancing.


In Co-Advance we have that Global Mindset Focus that your organization needs.

Co-Advance accompanies you throughout the process with the commitment to achieve the desired objective in a specific timing. We create for it:


– An expansion strategy of internationalization that includes the creation of commercial networks abroad as the search for suitable partners, as well as,


– A digital strategy that allows us, if necessary, to boost sales and our presence in different markets that otherwise would be difficult to achieve.


Are you a company that is proud of its product but seeks to manufacture it with guarantees of quality and service beyond our borders?


Or would you like to find products to import and market?

Co-Advance provides it with quality assurance and good service.


Because our experience of more than 20 years operating with manufacturers, mainly from China and India, and attending International Fairs and other professional events from various sectors that put manufacturers and importers in contact, endorses us.


Because we are experts in the search, selection and control of the best partner for our client, also taking care if desired,of the logistic, legal and financial aspects derived from this operation.


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