Executive Coaching

To advance in the global economy, today, companies need to develop the talent of people professionally and continuously.

And, being coaching a leadership competence, one way to achieve this is that managers become true coaches of their collaborators to help them develop and retain talent and implement coaching as a value in the organization.

Therefore, from Co-Advance we support executives to develop themselves as leaders from two angles, individually and as a team.




We support managers to develop themselves as leaders based on their professional and personal goals in order to achieve a greater impact on the organization.


We support managers facing a change in their professional life by giving them the necessary resources to decide and design their career at each stage and be satisfied with their development.

For that reason, we work the following aspects:

  • Deepen self-knowledge: strengths and areas of improvement, interests and passions
  • Learning and unlearning
  • Align personal values ​​with those of the company
  • Develop leadership competencies to achieve excellence
  • Develop as a coach leader


As a Team

It is vital that all members of a team be clear about their purposes and they all work aligned to achieve them.


In practice, sometimes, this alignment to reach efficiency is not easy to build.


For this reason, in Co-Advance:

  • We put our focus on the way of doing the job and help the team to see themselves and find their own answers.
  • We work on the motivation of each member of the team and the relationship between them and their dysfunctions.
  • We identify the hidden commitments and emotions in which the team is.
  • We detect behaviors and unproductive rules to accompany the team and make the members change them for productive ones.


Take advantage of the benefits of executive coaching