Co-Advance is a specialized consultancy agency that arises from the idea of ​​Maria José Melchor to contribute with her knowledge and experience, accumulated during 20 years in the business world, to the service of society, organizations and people by helping them to achieve their goals and therefore advance from two sides: consulting and coaching.

So far, Maria Jose has developed her professional career in very diverse sectors – publishing, pharmaceutical, textile, agri-food and furniture – in which she has carried out different tasks of responsibility and directed international projects in markets around the world, in large and small companies and with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.


Graduated in Law from the Abat Oliba CEU University (Barcelona) in 1995, she decided to further expand her training with the IMBA program at IE Business School (Madrid) to focus primarily on the business world.


She has always had a special interest in personal development and talent, which led her in 2014 to enter into the knowledge and experience of coaching and mindfulness techniques, which she believes are essential to maintain focus in different areas of life – personal, social and professional- and thus progress to accomplish our generic mission, which we all have, to be happy.

Her great interest in learning about new trends and internationalization often leads her to know new markets, to understand different cultures and to transmit the value offer of Co-Advance beyond our borders.

In addition, Maria Jose has a wide network of collaborators and prestigious professionals in their different areas of activity, to fulfil the commitment to always offer the optimal result that their clients deserve.


Co-Advance is multilingual and provides services in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Norwegian.

  • Bachelor degree in Law, Abat Oliba CEU, 1995
  • Member Alumni Club Abat Oliba CEU, from 1995
  • Lawyer registered nº 22.165, ICAB, 1996
  • International MBA, IE Business School, 1997
  • Member IE Business Clubs, from 2002
  • International Forum Oslo, from 2014
  • Member I-WIL, IESE Women in Leadership Chair, from 2017
  • Postgraduate in Integrative Coaching, ICF, 2018


operations, commercial, internationalization,

coaching directive, coaching women, coaching mediation

Who are our target?

Consultancy for entrepreneurs, SMEs and other public and private associations.
Coaching and mediation for individuals, middle managers and general managers.


What is our goal?

Helping our clients and work closely with them to improve results.


How do we do it?

Practicing the values ​​in which we believe to make progress together with a global vision, a humanistic approach and an entrepreneurial spirit.



Quality, doing things well and looking for excellence

Rigor and methodology with a good starting diagnosis and a plan of action

Confidence and respect in relationships, working side by side with our clients

Efficiency, creating value with our proposals

Honesty and transparency, that allow us to advance with confidence

Agility and commitment, being flexible, determined and committed to achieving the objectives as soon as possible